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Brian Mannix: Experience. Passionate. Impact player.

Brian Mannix: Experience. Passionate. Impact player.


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Brian Mannix is an nationally award winning Social Studies Teacher, Technology Staff Developer, Author, Playwright, and CEO.

In 2001, Brian Mannix decided that he wanted to give back.  After working for 5 years at WLIR/WDRE radio as an Account Executive and Dee Jay, he decided it was time to go back to school, get his Masters in Education and give back to the many teachers, mentors and friends who had shaped his life for the better.  After accepting a job at Great Neck South Middle School, he started a career that would be rewarding, exhilarating and one that each and every day brought with it a new set of challenges.  

Throughout his 14 years as a teacher, Mr. Mannix built a rapport with his students, the respect of his colleagues and a relationship with the community at large.  By combining his passion for life and learning with a love of American History and all things technology, Mr. Mannix was able to effectively reach over 1,000 students through his work at the middle school.  With his "Connected Classroom," the first of its sort on Long Island, Mr. Mannix was able to offer his students the chance to interact with students, teachers and experts from around the world on a daily basis, challenging each one of his pupils to utilize the same technological and research skills he taught them in the classroom as a basis of a life-long pursuit of learning.

After being honored in 2012 with "Educator Leader of the Year" by Tech & Learning Magazine and "Most Influential in Public Education" with his Nassau B.O.C.E.S. Partner Award, Brian decided to take a leave from teaching and pursue his entrepreneurial dreams by starting Babysitting Barter, Moodagu and a host of other tech-based startups.