Skabe din Fremtid (meaning "Create your future" in Danish) is an Alternate Reality Game (ARG) for Education with over 200 classrooms from 38 countries around the world participating.

Skabe din fremtid follows the fictional storyline of Eddie Sing, the leader of the Humarchivist resistance against the evil Raybot Spiders, an A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) platform that is seeking to destroy humanity by altering key historic and scientific events on the internet.

Student Humarchivists are challenged to save the story of history and of human science by "recreating" various historical events and scientific conclusions.


Screenshots from the various "corruptions" of World History by the Raybot Spiders.  The Rez Comrads were challenged to "save humanity" by "creating their own future" by re-examining crucial events in history and science.  The game play occurred both online and off with teachers in various parts of the world planting QR codes in offline student hangouts where they could find the next challenge.