East Coast Collaborative Partnership

The East Coast Collaborative Partnership was formed with Great Neck South Middle School and another middle school from New Jersey and South Carolina.  Together each school utilized an interactive "wiki" to work across classroom lines to create a unit on Colonization.  Each day members of our class Skyped their partners and we essentially were able to partner with classrooms in two other states.

Digiteen Digital Citizenship

Students from my classroom interacted with classes from all over the United States and Great Britain and India discussing the tenets of Digital Citizenship.  Our students made a T-shirt and help bake sales to raise money, collecting over $1,200 which they used to hire a app designer from the website Odesk who was from India.  Students interviewed various candidates and chose the person they thought could do the best job.  The students decided they wanted to design an Anti-Bullying App and submitted designs to the developer that they had created in "flex time" on our team.

Here was some of the result of their work: