Music meets free transportation = Limo Lolly.  

Are you MADD?  Do you think that it's time we stopped drunk driving?  

At the same time do you want to support live music, Long Island tourism allowing people to consume alcohol without the worry of having to drive home?

It's a simple solution.  Live music venues pay a monthly fee and we have four Limo Lolly's (basically nice busses) that have routes in Northern and Southern Nassau and Suffolk Counties, looping past all of the bars and live music venues on Long Island.  

The trip is free for all of the patrons.  Let's make this happen.  Contact for more information on how to invest.

music 3.jpg

The Bars

There are currently at least 55 bars on Long Island that have Live Music on Long Island.  Many of the musicians in these establishments are playing to near empty crowds due to the fact that live music seems to be on the wane.  Let's bring it back and let's make it safer than ever.Our Crew ›


Innovative Advertising

Limo Lolly passengers trade their time and lesson to one or more advertisements that are customized by companies who believe that we should provide safe service to bars and venues performing live music.Travel Blog ›